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Dysfunctional Medical Insurance Essay -- Argumentative

Dysfunctional Medical Insurance A mom is waiting frantically in the local emergency room while her little girl continues to cry with pain. An hour goes by without any news as to when she will finally be treated. At last, their number gets called and they go over to the registration desk. The lady behind the desk opens their file and shakes her head in disbelief as she turns to look at yet another mother with remorse. She continues to tell the mother that the hospital has refused to provide medical attention to her little girl due to insurance problems. This scenario is sadly very common in the lower class families with little or no insurance coverage, in fact â€Å"20% of the U.S. population lacks medical coverage† (Richman). While the initial idea of medical insurance seems more beneficial than not, the current health insurance situation has caused many negative repercussions for both the patients and the physicians. Some of these disadvantages include: denial of health care, compromised medical att ention, astronomical billings, privacy issues, discriminatory plans, and even possible risks of fraud. The original idea of medical insurance should have been a noble way to help Americans afford medical bills in a case of an emergency or just routine physicals and check-ups. A lot of Americans coming from different financial situations could not afford the emergency or even the customary treatments and would therefore go without medical attention. This obviously had dire consequences on the patients’ health, thus forcing the need of an alternative option. â€Å"Fortunately, a handful of physicians associated with Sacramento's Sutter General Hospital saw beyond the despair. Seeing a need for an alternative health care financing vehicle in the early 1930s, the doctors created the first open enrollment hospital insurance plan in the United States† (Sutter Health). As originally planned, this new medical insurance proposed benefits to both the doctors and the patients; patients could afford to be treated, while doctors could see more patients-even of the lower income clas s. Somehow—between then and now, the plan has been twisted and turned around so much that it has lost some of its greatest benefits and reputation. Because of the numerous loop holes in the current insurance plan, I believe that right now the drawbacks and disadvantages are overshadowin... ...been hit with a half of billion dollars in claims. As the extensity of this crime allows, there are many other issues to be dealt with besides just the insurance aspect. However, if insurance wasn’t implemented into our society or even if loop holes didn’t exist in this case, then this crime could not have been possible. Since insurance was introduced to our society, there have been many problems. Much like the little girl who was denied medical attention, many people suffer from these disadvantages of medical insurance. I believe that the medical insurance idea is argumentative, because there are a lot of repercussions that people may or may not have thought about. Besides the recent crimes being committed against them, the insurance companies are benefiting immensely, but are we? The prices of medical treatments are rising, the doctor’s attention to actual patients as opposed to who has insurance is diminishing, and less people are benefiting from health insurance. I do not think that medical insurance should have been proposed in the first place. I do admit that it should have been a benefit to Americans, but I have yet to see everyone benefit as initially planned.

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A Study of Career Plateau in Education Sector Essay

If Employee’s jobs are filled with routine and boring tasks or if desired promotions are blocked in the organization, then they are likely to feel an intrinsic sense of loss and become skeptical about findings fulfillment in their careers Career plateau employees are likely to have demotivation and higher labour turnover because they want to advance their careers elsewhere in the environment Researcher find out the causes, difference of career plateau among the Admin Staffs, Support Staffs, Teaching Staffs, Technical Staffs in education sector, its effects and strategies to remove the career plateau. The Major finding of this study is that career plateau is a major contributing factor of employees dissatisfaction, organization commitment and employee turnover. Technical staffs have more career plateau. Management and other stakeholder to develop the best strategies to manage career plateau in the organization. Keywords: Career Plateau, Strategies, Employee turnover, Dissatisfa ction 1. Introduction Career plateau is not a new phenomenon, but there is a worrying situation about the rate at which it is becoming increasingly widespread in various organizations (Yama- moto, 2006; Lee, 2003). Many scholars on organizational careers’ have suggested that plateau is fast becoming a critical managerial and organizational issue which needs to be managed properly to avoid employee’s discontent (Burke and Mikkelsen, 2006; Tremblay and Roger, 2004; Tremblay et al., 1995). Career plateau is defined as the point where employees like hood of additional hierarchical promotion is very low. International Journal of Business and Management Tomorrow   Employees who have experienced career plateau would think that their employers have forsaken their careers (Lee, 2003). Career plateau has been used as antecedent to many undesirable work outcomes such as low satisfaction, high stress, poor performance and other withdrawal symptoms (Yamamoto, 2006; Lee, 2003; Choy and Savery, 1998). Career plateau has the potential to cause discomfort among the employees because lack of continued upward progression is considered as a yardstick to measure employee’s performance. Thus career plateau leads to poor performance. In any organizations upward movement in terms of promotion of employees is accompanied by increase in salary, power and status (Lee, 2003). Plateau employees are likely to have higher labour turnover because they want to advance their careers elsewhere in the environment. For many employees, the time comes when all career movement ceases. Some feel unchallenged, while others simply don’t have the motivation to move upward. It is management’s responsibility to pull the best from staff members at such times. Fortunately, this isn’t difficult when you are prepared with a game plan and a little understanding. * Definitions. Plateaued employees, one observer has written, are those who reach their promotional ceiling long before they retire. Structural plateauing occurs when opportunities for promotions end. The hierarchy in most institutions is designed like a pyramid, leaving room for only a select few at the top. Therefore, everyone eventually plateaus. The inabilit y to climb the career ladder is an emerging concern for employees in the 1990’s. With aging of the baby boom generation and shrinking of middle management positions brought about by recession, improvements in office technology, and mergers and acquisitions, there are fewer opportunities for advancements in office technology, and mergers and acquisitions, there are fewer opportunities for advancement (Weiner, Remer, & Remer, 1992). One significant vocational effect is plateauing, â€Å"a unique form of career stall† (milstein, 1990b p, 325) which can result in a feeling of malaise on the part of upwardly mobile individuals. This phenomenon is labeled plateauing because it resembles a long flat uninterrupted expanse with minimal contours and a sameness that stretches endlessly. If people’s jobs are filled with routine and boring tasks or if desired promotions are blocked, then they are likely to feel an intrinsic sense of loss and become skeptical about findings fulfillment in their careers. (Milstein, 1990a, P48) 2. Examine the causes of career plateau Examine the difference in plateauing among the various levels of staffs in education sector. Examine the effect of career plateau in the organization. Give suggestions to manage career plateau effectively to minimize employee intention to quit. 3. In the subsequent pages, an attempt is made to review the literature pertaining to career plateaus of the employees. The literature of these studies has been collected through various magazines, journal, website and other published sources. 3.1 Various types of career plateaus are being experienced by the employees in organization. According to Bardwick (1986), there are three types of career plateau which are very common in organizations and there are: Structural Plateaus:- represents occupational situations where advancement is unavailable due primarily to the pyramidal nature of organization hierarchies. Content Plateaus: – When no challenge remains in their job. Tasks have been mastered and little new or exciting remains to be learned. Life plateauing:-occurs when individuals believe they are trapped in their ongoing everyday routines, cycles, obligations, and relationships. They may lead them to have â€Å"the sense that there’s little fulfillment left in any area of life. As per Rita M. Choy, Lawson K. Savery, (1998). Organizations are under pressure to cope with factors such as resource scarcity, increased competition, slow economic growth, increased utilization of technology and an increase in acquisitions and/or mergers. All these can lead to downsizing of the workforce. Many organizations believe downsizing can reduce costs and increase competitiveness. However, flattening structures reduces the number of people needed in organizations and such practices escalate the plateauing ISSN. International Journal of Business and Management Tomorrow The present study explores the relationship between job satisfaction, organizational commitment and the plateauing phenomenon. Non-plateaued workers seem to have a better relationship with their organization and find coaching new staff more rewarding than plateauing workers. This finding is important because trainers must hold positive attitudes toward the company and this seems more likely when the person is not plateaued. Non-plateaued employees are also more likely to view the organization as encouraging job performance – another issue of importance to managers of organizations. Susir Kumar – CEO, Intelenet Global Services expresses, â€Å"In spite of all the buzz and hype progressive HRM creates, career plateau remains a regular phenomenon and a problem that HR managers across industries and organizations have to grapple with. It can be defined as reaching a level of complacency, in many cases leading to employee burnout. It is not that such employees are incompetent; however, there is a general feeling of ‘being stuck’. Such employees often harbour an illusion, that they have nothing more to achieve.† Sharing his opinion on the organizational ailment that is a stagnant employee, Aleem Merchant, director, Synapse Marketing Consultancy Pvt. Ltd says, â€Å"Employee plateauing is a disease that hampers almost every organization, big or small and today, this malady is threatening the very potential and future of the corporate world as fast as most lifestyle diseases. This too needs expert treatment and its own set of managerial medications.† In order to analyze this plague, we must dissect it to get to the root of the problem. â€Å"Plateaued employees could stem from boredom of routine work or just plain complacency. Very often, external stimulators such as excitement of new work or a hard reality session can help yank the employee out of his stupor,† reasons G Ravindran, CEO, and MD- SHRM India.   Potter, author of â€Å"Overcoming Job Burnout: How to Renewing Enthusiasm for Work†, contends that often plateauing exists in the minds of employees. â€Å"In many cases it may be an illusion.† she said. According to Potter, employees also can imagine themselves plateaued with they fail to adapt to the changing employment picture. â€Å"Sometimes the person is not blocked; they just don’t understand the rules of the game have changed.† she said. Some workers are frustrated trying to climb the corporate ladder, Potter said, unaware that the old traditional hierarchical construction no longer exists. Another cause of the illusory plateau, Potter said, is a worker who is â€Å"actually chronically depressed.† She explains that for a depressed individual, a new job acts as a â€Å"sort of self-medication,† giving the person a temporary high. However, Potter said, once that boost wears off, the employee goes back to feeling depressed and might be inclined to blame this condition on a lack of job satisfaction. â€Å"It’s another kind of unrealistic expectation.† When employees feel plateaued, Potter said, â€Å"They can start getting into this problem of burnout†Ã¢â‚¬â€a loss of motivation that can leave workers feeling helpless. She warned that burnout can lead to chronic absenteeism, anger, thievery, and substance abuse. Potter warned that any attempts at curbing burnout can be too little too late, because losing one’s motivation is akin to losing one’s spirit. â€Å"When that gets damages, it just doesn’t bounce back, † she said. Study Design and Methodology 100 samples selected from various education society of Pune by using the convenient sampling method. The following categories/Levels of employees are selected as respondents.   Teacher   Admin staffs (4.3) Professional /Technical staffs (4.4) Support staffs. 25 respondents from each category are selected from for the research. The Instrument, containing 50 items and 29 attributes, each query is ranked by the respondents according to a five point Likert scale.

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We Are A Camera, By Nick Paumgarten - 1061 Words

Although a memory may deteriorate over the span of years or even decades, a photograph will last a lifetime. Images are more than an object to have for safe keeping. In his article, â€Å"We Are A Camera,† Nick Paumgarten discusses the uprising of the popular recording device known as the GoPro. This device is used to record events and experiences from different perspectives, whether that is from underwater or zip lining through a forest in a first-person view. Moreover, videos and photography allow people to capture images to reminisce about past experiences, to share these moments with others, and even remember those whom you have lost. There are countless debates about how distracting cell phones and other electronic devices can be however, they can still be used in positive ways, such as capturing images. Images are a way of recalling events or memories. Certainly, with these images a person would depict a picture far more vividly than what they could have conjured up by simply trying to remember the moment. After going through a great experience, people tend to want to reflect and rejoice at what they had done or gone through. The most memorable moment of my past would have to be my seventh birthday party. It was a small surprise in the middle of a park in Fort Lauderdale on a scorching hot day. I recall playing soccer on the grassy plains, receiving gifts and the abundance of laughter in the air. The only problem is, I only remember vague images in my mind that I piecedShow MoreRelatedThe Limits Of Friendship By Maria Konnikova And We Are A Camera By Nick Paumgarten1259 Words   |  6 PagesThe world we live i n is a very competitive one. To be successful, in this world one needs to have the connections so that one can succeed in life. In â€Å"The Limits of Friendship† by Maria Konnikova and â€Å"We are a Camera† by Nick Paumgarten, we see that technology can help build these connections. It is through these connections that One way these connections help make people successful is through our close interpersonal connections, modern day technology, and social media. These three outlets are modemsRead MoreThe Go Pro Is Like Brownie And The Polaroid963 Words   |  4 Pagesit to a television set, a computer, or a camera. It can replay, slow down, show me things, and even retain information whenever it wants to. It s available to me if I need to input information like an computer I can. I can reminisce or daydream at any given time day or night just as if I was a camera, taking pictures. Our brain can capture and freeze and hold that thought or memory forever. Just like a computer or a camera. For instance, Nick Paumgarten a New York City writer relates The Go ProRead MoreAttention Deficit : The Brain Syndrome Of Our Era Essay1953 Words   |  8 PagesWhen we walked into the 21century, technology has not only become an important part of our daily life, it has been advanced at a rate we could never imagined. Technology broadens our horizon and shows us so many aspects of the world. However, the more advanced technology becomes, the more we lose our ability to care for others, which is a significant part of our humanity. We use machines a lot more in our daily life instead of ourselves. Due to this, the open world makes it more difficult to concentrateRead MoreDrones in America and How They Infringe on the 4th Amendment and Due Process of the Law2930 Words   |  12 Pageswill have an overwhelming interest to be more receptive of drones used domestically. Introduction Since 9/11 Homeland security has infringed on the rights of Americans. First, it was TSA at the airport doing full body searches, and then it was a camera monitoring traffic at every street light. Now, it is unmanned aerial vehicles otherwise known as drones. Although, the president’s use of drones to their maximum capability is only used to execute the war on terror and those he assumes are associated

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The Patient Physician Relationship For Effective Delivery...

1.0 Introduction and Background of the Study Privacy is an underlying governing principle of the patient-physician relationship for effective delivery of healthcare. Patients are required to share information with their physicians to facilitate correct diagnosis and determination of treatment, especially to avoid adverse drug interactions. However patients may refuse to disclose important information in cases of health problems such as psychiatric behavior and HIV as their disclosure may lead to social stigma and discrimination. Over time, a patient’s medical record accumulates significant personal information including identification, history of medical diagnosis, digital renderings of medical images, treatment received medication†¦show more content†¦Extended Enterprise Figure 1.1: Typical Information flow in a Healthcare System On the other hand, one must also protect sensitive patient information from being distributed to unauthorized persons, that is, one should strive to maintain patient privacy. Patient information is thus a critical factor in healthcare and should follow the patient during the whole patient process even if the patient visits more than one healthcare provider, that is, in distributed healthcare. Protecting patient information has always been a high priority within the healthcare domain. When electronic healthcare records (EHR) are used, the availability of patient information increases. Think for instance of the medical information of patients: a typical hospital is visited by thousands of patients each year and for each patient, the hospital needs to store contact details, insurance information, appointments with medical specialists, and a medical data: medical reports, radiography pictures, laboratory results and more. Medical professionals need to accessShow MoreRelatedThe Strategic Plan For A Company Essay1416 Words   |  6 Pagesmeasures involving provider communication, pain management, and patient understanding of post discharge care and treatment information. Stakeholders connected to these measures include: 1) Organizational leaders – Board of Trustees, Executive Director, and Finance Officer; 2) Providers – physicians and physician extenders; 3) Nursing leadership; 4) Nursing Associates; 5) Ancillary support staff – pharmacy and phy sical therapy; and 6) Patients/Families/Caregivers. Each stakeholder group plays a role inRead MoreHealth Communication And The Decision Making Process Of Individuals752 Words   |  4 Pages(Parrott R. , 2004). Health communication informs the consumer about health concerns and health issues. Healthcare communication and public relations works together to help create interactions to change the consumer’s attitude. Healthcare knowledge is becoming an important part in the decision making process of individuals. Communication is somewhat a simple idea when it comes to healthcare. Why? Everyone is in need of some type of medical assistance at some point. Communication helps us as humansRead MoreHealth Care Communication1357 Words   |  6 PagesCommunication Paper HCS/350 Health Care Communication University of Phoenix Personal Professional Healthcare Communication Paper Professional and effective communication is a vital ingredient to safe and high quality nursing practice. Proper communication with other co-workers, physicians, ancillary staff, patients, and their families is a required skill necessary for all practicing, professional healthcare professionals. Communicating with others has become second nature to us, but are we communicatingRead MoreHow Healthcare Is Moving Swiftly Into Uncharted Territory1652 Words   |  7 PagesHealthcare is moving swiftly into uncharted territory. New regulations, changes in Medicare and Medicaid, and even reimbursement issues are all on the forefront of the twenty-first century healthcare. Heated battles are ongoing in the political arena, however it is the American patient that will feel its effects, changes, and unfortunately undergo its transition. With the ever increasing needs related to patient care, such as living longer, more complex diseases, and rapid advancement in technologyRead MoreImproving The Health And Wellbeing Of An Individual1425 Words   |  6 Pagesthe health and wellbeing of individuals Introduction In the field of healthcare, effective communication and teamwork can have direct ramification on patient morbidity and mortality as well as the health and wellbeing of healthcare professionals (Royal College of Nursing Policy statement, 2006). This paper will discuss exactly how both communication and teamwork in healthcare between healthcare professionals and patients can improve the health and wellbeing of an individual, physically and mentallyRead MoreLack of Communication Is the Biggest Problem in Healthcare Today1715 Words   |  7 Pagesmajor problems in healthcare today is the ineffective communication among hospital personnel, patients and their families, and the effect it has on patient safety. Communication, as a whole, is very complex and is the root of teamwork and collaboration which aids in keeping patients safe in the hospital. Throughout the healthcare field today patient-centered care and patient safety seem to be major focus points. Unfortunately, ineffective commu nication can potentially cause patient harm and even deathRead MorePersonal Perspective of Nursing1342 Words   |  5 PagesIntroduction Healthcare delivery and management especially hospital care has changed dramatically over the years. In the past, the scope of Healthcare included physicians who diagnosed and treated disease. This scope left nurses and other providers out of place while they struggle to define their roles. This in fact, raises many questions. Is nursing dependent on what physicians wanted? Also, does nursing require other specialized knowledge and skill that is different from other healthcare providersRead MoreHealth Care Quality Standards And New Concept Of Patient Centered Medical Home849 Words   |  4 PagesHealth care quality standards and New concept of Patient Centered Medical home The health care system in united states has evolved since it’s very beginning. The health care has evolved from the simple home remedies to scientific and technological modern medical industry. The government organization, medical insurances, hospitals etc. have also changed constantly. The country’s healthcare system has tried to change itself in a better way persistently, still the search for quality of care existsRead MoreEssay On Diabetes1694 Words   |  7 Pagesrecommended, reduces blood pressure, encourage physical activity per week. Dietary understanding - Include low-fat dairy products, encourage high-fiber, Continuing telephone support. Patient education is the successful way of diabetes management in Maryland. With limited healthcare resources patient education is the most effective way of reaching out to people in the community which has come along way to yield a better health outcome. Research has shown the potential that community-based interventions holdRead MoreResponsibility For The Oversight, Engagement, Integration, And Management Of All Risk Adjustment And Comprehensive Health Assessment1206 Words   |  5 Pagesprograms for HealthCare Partners. Serves an essential leadership role in guiding the clinical policies, practices, and programs of HealthCare Partners with final clinical accountability for the quality and appropriateness of clinical documentation and data integrity. Functions in a critical leadership role in transforming and aligning geographic market practices and the organization’s overall vision of a value-based, clinically integrated system that is committed to care delivery that is patient-centered

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Rhetorical Analysis Of Ted Russell s Son Lost The Fight...

On December 29, 2006, Connie Russell’s son lost the fight for his life. Matt was a bright, twenty-one year old senior at Florida State University. His love of scuba diving inspired Matt to want to become a marine biologist in Australia. However, these dreams would never come true. As Russell painfully recounts, Matt had been traveling with friends to scuba in West Palm Beach. However, on I-95, a drunk driver suddenly came out of nowhere and struck Matt’s car and significantly injured him. Seven days later, Matt was gone. Although Russell lost her son more than ten years ago, her pain is still noticeably fresh. In fact, she still believes Matt died at the hands of someone else’s moronic decision. It was a choice, not an accident that her son was killed. Although some may claim drunk drivers do not mean to take lives, Russell believes otherwise. In fact, Russell was able to convince the audience through the use of rhetorical appeals that her son’s death was a choice, and not an accident. Since her son’s passing, Russell has decided it is up to her to stop this growing â€Å"epidemic.† While many may believe her presentation would resonate with other parents, Russell has explained otherwise. In fact, Russell says her hardest audience is a room full of parents. Age has a major impact solidifying a person’s response to an opinion. The older a person becomes the more detached they become to change. Typically, parents either believes they know not to drink and drive or they haveShow MoreRelatedLogical Reasoning189930 Words   |  760 PagesUnported License. That is, you are free to share, copy, distribute, store, and transmit all or any part of the work under the following conditions: (1) Attribution You must attribute the work in the manner specified by the author, namely by citing his name, the book title, and the relevant page numbers (but not in any way that suggests that the book Logical Reasoning or its author endorse you or your use of the work). (2) Noncommercial You may not use this work for commercial purposes (for exampleRead MoreOne Significant Change That Has Occurred in the World Between 1900 and 2005. Explain the Impact This Change Has Made on Our Lives and Why It Is an Important Change.163893 Words   |  656 PagesPerspectives on the Past, edited by Susan Porter Benson, Stephen Brier, and Roy Rosenzweig Also in this series: Paula Hamilton and Linda Shopes, eds., Oral History and Public Memories Tiffany Ruby Patterson, Zora Neale Hurston and a History of Southern Life Lisa M. Fine, The Story of Reo Joe: Work, Kin, and Community in Autotown, U.S.A. Van Gosse and Richard Moser, eds., The World the Sixties Made: Politics and Culture in Recent America Joanne Meyerowitz, ed., History and September 11th John McMillian

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Wireless Networking Concept for Authentication Code Protocol

Question: Discuss about theWireless Networking Concept for Authentication Code Protocol. Answer: Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access (WiMax) refers to the movement of systems to long mile remote broadband access (Biagioni et al., 2016). It gives both point-to-point and multipoint applications. WiMax uses three data encryption measures for guaranteeing the data and information. WiMax uses Counter Mode with Cipher Block Chaining Message Authentication Code Protocol (CCMP) for encrypting progress on framework Bajracharya Rawat, 2016). It uses Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) to transmit data securely. Triple DES Triple DES was proposed to implement principal Data Encryption Standard (DES) estimation hackers finally understands how to vanquish effectively. The individual keys used by Triple DES are of 56 bits each. The approximate key length is 168 bits; regardless, researchers would argue that 112-bits in key quality is similar to it. Triple DES still understands to influence a demonstrated data encryption to react in due request in regards to money related organization and particular attempts. AES The Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) is figuring trusted as standard by the U.S. Government and diverse affiliations. Eventually, it is an exceptional degree proficient in 128-piece plot. AES uses keys of 192 and 256 bits for huge duty encryption purposes (Weng et al., 2017). AES is observed as suitable to all attacks, beside savage power, that helps in maintaining messages by using every considerable blend in the 128, 192, or 256-piece figure. In any case, security risks accept that AES will finally be hailed certified standard for encoding information in private part. RSA RSA is open key encryption estimation and standard for encrypting information transmitted over the internet. The key is open thing that is used to encrypt message, and private key to disentangle it. The two instances of WPAN headways are Bluetooth and Zigbee. There are diverse security challenges in the Bluetooth devices and development. There are diverse attacks against protection and information respectability (McCann Montemurro, 2017). Bluetooth does not give local client affirmation. The acquisition of the Bluetooth contraption is not done that causes express lead of other related devices. Bluejacking causes data breach from the Bluetooth enabled PDAs. The assailant starts the bluejacking by sending false message to the phones (Jelenkovic, Tosic Seskar, 2016). These navigate messages and phishing mail makes hurt the phones. Bluesnarfing is a hazard to this advancement that empowers the aggressors to fabricate the use of the Bluetooth engaged devices. It looks for the IMEI number of the Bluetooth devices. ZigBee is a remote correspondence with low power and low-rate that hopes to give cryptographic keys to security. The association between the two devices is kept up by the security convention of the ZigBee. There are distinctive physical strikes on the ZigBee radio concerning the repeat break (Ponniah, Hu Kumar, 2017). Shaikh, Faisal Karim, and Sherali Zeadally. "Energy harvesting in wireless sensor networks: A comprehensive review." Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 55 (2016): 1041-1054. This paper deals with the gathering of consequences in the Wireless Sensor Network (WSN). WSN contain immense number of static sensor center points those associates in low getting ready. There are distinctive significant advantages for the WSNs including Radio Frequency-based imperativeness gathering, Solar-based essentialness gathering, Thermal-based Energy Harvesting and Flow-based essentialness procuring. There are distinctive techniques discussed in the paper for the essentialness gathering. As argued by Wolisz (2016), the essentialness gathering structure may make hurt the ecological alter of the nature. The gathering from different sources causes utilization of the benefits in the earth. Wolisz, (2016) argued that log persisting contraptions eats up more battery and causes essentialness draining. Ulukus, Sennur, et al. "Energy harvesting wireless communications: A review of recent advances." IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications 33.3 (2015): 360-381. This paper discusses the new advances executed in the energy harvesting division. As commented by Fontes et al., (2017), the new advances in the energy harvesting gathering have changed the standard circumstance of essentialness harvesting. Wolisz, (2016) argued that the usage of the propelled methodologies in the imperativeness gathering have extends the hidden cost of various essentialness sources and besides debilitating the natural resources. Diverse conditions and hypotheses discussed in the paper that uses the traditional thought of essentialness assembling and changing over it into current advancement (Ponniah, Hu Kumar, 2017). References Biagioni, E., Giordano, S., Luo, X., Camp, T., Tian, T. (2016). Social and mobile solutions in ad hoc and sensor networking [Series Editorial].IEEE Communications Magazine,54(7), 100-101. Kusano, M., Figueira, E., Bird, R., Van Hoof, N. (2017).U.S. Patent No. D794,019. Washington, DC: U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. McCann, S., Montemurro, M. (2017).U.S. Patent No. 9,572,030. Washington, DC: U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Ponniah, J., Hu, Y. C., Kumar, P. R. (2017). A Clean Slate Approach to Secure Ad Hoc Wireless Networking-Open Unsynchronized Networks.IEEE Transactions on Control of Network Systems,4(1), 37-48. Bajracharya, C., Rawat, D. B. (2016, January). Opportunistic spectrum access enabled heterogeneous wireless networking for smart grid. InConsumer Communications Networking Conference (CCNC), 2016 13th IEEE Annual(pp. 793-797). IEEE. Jelenkovic, F., Tosic, M., Seskar, I. (2016, May). A semantic approach to wireless networking testbed infrastructure. InModeling and Optimization in Mobile, Ad Hoc, and Wireless Networks (WiOpt), 2016 14th International Symposium on(pp. 1-8). IEEE. Wolisz, A. (2016, November). Keynote-Intelligent Adaptive Management in Local Wireless Networking. InLocal Computer Networks (LCN), 2016 IEEE 41st Conference on(pp. xxxiii-xxxiii). IEEE. Weng, S., Zhai, D., Yang, X., Hu, X. (2017, January). A ZigBee wireless networking for remote sensing applications in hydrological monitoring system. InSeventh International Conference on Electronics and Information Engineering(pp. 103221W-103221W). International Society for Optics and Photonics.

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Peaks and Valleys free essay sample

On the white, sandy beach in St. Pete I finally knew what I wanted to do in my life. I knew where I was going and what I should be. Sometimes in hard times, you see your true goals. You find who you are, and that is exactly what happened to me. I realized what I should major in, I realized where I wanted to start my life. Though I had been going through my lowest time God shed light on who I was meant to be. For my 16th birthday, my ex-boyfriend, my mother and I hopped on a flight and went to Florida. It had been really rough the past months before. I had been abused in multiple ways and had been keeping quiet about it. I was on the edge of giving up on everything, but then my mom had surprised me with a trip to Florida. The day of my birthday was 5 days into the trip. We will write a custom essay sample on Peaks and Valleys or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page We left Saturday and my birthday was on that upcoming Wednesday. So, on Wednesday we went to the beach of my choice. It was the white, sandy beach of St. Petersburg. From a 3-hour car ride, I was so excited to just lay in the sand and tan. But from the parking lot, we had to go through a trail to get to the sand. And as the amazing view started to peak through the bushes, I was at home. It was warm and I could feel it wrap my skin with an excited welcome. I fell in love with the vibes. Realizing what you were meant to do in life is the most reassuring thing anyone could ever feel. It makes you feel like you have a reason to be on earth. And a lot of times people lose sight of that idea of belonging, and it makes continuing hard. It makes living seem stupid and unreasonable, and I had been stooping to that point. It was so rough, but looking at the horizon while I was paddle boarding and realizing Im so small but I can have a big impact on other people by becoming a psychologist. I had been through hell and back, and I knew from my life experiences I could help others to the right path. I knew that I needed to spend the rest of my life in St. Petersburg so I wouldn’t quit on the thought of not sacrificing my happiness to help others. You never really know what your life plan is, but when you get a small glimpse of it†¦ Its so relieving. You have to take that ray of hope and hold onto ittight because in the worst times comes the best of opportunities. God closes a door and you feel trapped, but before you know it†¦ he opens another one and its better than what you could have ever expected. So on that white sandy beach in St. Pete I found who I was in a horrible situation. That ocean is what showed me my path. And that path has peaks and valleys, but those valleys make the peaks so much higher.